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    • Product name:72Cell Poly solar panel
    • Published:2018/11/6 15:56:42
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    • Product Description

      Product Specifications

      CellPoly solar cell 
      Cable cross section size4mm2
      Number of cells72 (6×12)
      Junction box IP67, 3 diodes
      Connector MC4 compatible 

      Electrical Characteristics 

      Rated maximum power (Pmax/W)315320325330335
      Open circuit voltage (Voc/V)45.8546.1246.3846.4046.70
      Maximum power voltage (Vmp/V)37.0937.2837.3937.6537.83
      Short circuit current (Isc/A)
      Maximum power current (Imp/A)8.498.588.698.778.87
      Module efficiency (%)16.216.516.717.017.2
      Power tolerance0~+5%
      Temperature coefficient of Isc+0.058%/℃
      Temperature coefficient of Voc-0.330%/℃
      Temperature coefficient of Pmax-0.400%/℃
      Standard test condition Irradiance 1000W/m2, cell temperature 25℃, AM 1.5G

      Packing Details

      Containerpieces per pallet pallets per container pieces per container 
      20' container 2610260
      40' container 2622572
      40' HQ container 2624624


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