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    • Product name:MSM 290W Mono solar panel
    • Published:2017/11/28 16:16:31
    • Details
    • OEM manufacture 290w yingli solar panel monocrystalline solar panel pv module for kit solar 1kw

      Maximum Power(W)290W
      Power Tolerance(%)±5W
      Optimum Operating voltage-Vmp(V)31.9V±0.3V
      Optimum operating current-Imp(A)9.09A±0.15A
      Open Circuit Voltage-Voc(V)38.9V±0.8V
      Short Circuit Current-Isc(A)9.60A±0.15A
      Cells Efficiency(%)18.2%-19.4%
      Thickness(mm)2mm ±0.20mm
      Maximum system Voltage1000V
      Current temperature coefficient-(160±10)mA/℃
      Voltage temperature coefficient(0.065±0.015)%/℃
      Power temperature coefficient-(0.5±0.05)%/℃
       Mechanical Characteristics
      Cell Type:Mono solar cell 156*156mm
      Cell number:60pcs (6*12)
      Front glass:4.0mm thickness, low iron tempered solar glass.
      Backsheet:White TPT
      Junction box:IP67 Rated, PPO, Black.
      Frame:Anodized Aluminium Alloy Type 6063 T5, silver gray.
      Connector:MC4 Compatible
      Cable:4.0mm2/ 12AWG, 1000 mm, IP67
      Standard Test Conditions:AM1.5 100MW/cm 25°C


      1. Environmentary friendly.
      2. No noise, no moving parts, no emissions. 
      3. No use of fuels and water. 
      4. MInimal maintenance requirements. 
      5. Long lifetime, up to 30 years.
      6. Electricity is generated wherever there is light, solar or artificial. 
      7. PV operates even in cloudy weather conditions.
      8. Modular "custom-made" energy can be sized for any application from watch to a multi-megawatt power plant. 


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